About the artist

My name is Sharon Wittke and I almost always begin each day with a paintbrush in my hand. I’m a self-taught decorative artist, and my painting style is a blend of naïve, narrative and folk art with a touch of whimsy thrown in for good measure. My favorite subjects are Halloween and other holidays, and Americana scenes.  

For inspiration, I recall the resplendent autumn days and blustery winter nights of my childhood.  Dancing witches, cavorting skeletons and grinning ghosts were among the many trick-or-treaters who roamed the streets of my village on All Hallow’s Eve. As a youngster, I heard colorful tales about tiny elves and grumpy belsnickles who lived in the snowy woodlands surrounding my town.

I’ve been strongly influenced by legendary American folk artists such as Edward Hicks, Rufus Porter, and Grandma Moses, as well as 20th century decorative artists including Peter Ompir, Jo Sonja Jansen, and Peter Hunt.

Humor is a key element in most of my designs, and my greatest reward is seeing a smile when someone views one of my folk art pieces. If you see a design that makes you smile, please contact me to create a folk art piece for you.

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