Springtime Basket

The wooden lid of a vintage woven wood basket has been painted with my original spring landscape.

Dawn is breaking over the springtime countryside. A red barn and a yellow saltbox house are situated near a pond where a family of ducks are taking an early morning swim.

Sheep and cows are in the meadow, and some freshly washed linens are drying on a clothesline.

A couple of country bunnies are munching on clover in the foreground. You can almost smell the sweetly scented blossoms on the trees and hear the bluebird singing as he sits on the roof of a birdhouse.

It can be adapted to a variety of surfaces, including wood plates, bowls, trays, footstools, basket lids, boxes, breadboards, and canvas panels.

Please send me an email at ravensbendfolkart@gmail.com  if you have any questions or if you’d like to request a custom order.