Halloween Bentwood Box

haunted house bentwood box 1There are plenty of trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbells of the haunted houses on this large (11″ diameter by 5 1/2″ high) bentwood box.

Costumes on the kids include a can of motor oil, a candy corn guy, a beautiful fairy princess, a little red devil, several ghosts, a tiger and a zombie.haunted house bentwood box 3

Witches and ghosts peer from the windows on the houses and black bats and cats fly around the sky.

The originally designed scene was painted on the lid and all around the side of the box in colorful acrylic paints. A really fun piece to add to your Halloween decor.

This item would be a great addition to your own Halloween folk art collection, or perfect to fill with goodies and use for a gift.

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haunted house bentwood box 2