Three Snowmen on a Winter’s Eve

mittens5Three snowmen bundled up in colorful mittens, scarves and hats watch as the snow gently drifts down around them. Primitive saltbox houses and snow-covered trees complete the winter country scene.

The rim of this plate features colorful mittens, stars and snowflakes.

The plate is sealed with matte finish and measures 9 1/2 inches in diameter. The back of the plate is a mottled tan and brown.

This plate is intended for decorative use only, but if it’s used to serve unwrapped food, I recommend covering the plate with plastic wrap to preserve its finish.

This plate is ready to ship.mittens8

This item would be a great addition to your own folk art collection, or perfect to fill with goodies and use for a gift.

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This item can by purchased by visiting my Etsy site, or by sending me an email. Thank you for your interest!