Welcome to Black Bat Inn

blackbatinn5This primitive style wooden bowl features a Halloween scene painted in primitive colors of tans, browns, oranges, yellows and black.

The owner of the Black Bat Inn, an elderly witch, is trying to get her black cat to come to her while several little ghosts play in the front yard. Bats swoop overhead in the light of a full moon.

The exterior of the bowl, which measures about 5 3/4 inches in diameter and 2 inches high, is painted black and decorated with tan polka dots.

The original artwork was painted on a bowl, but this design can be adapted to almost any surface, including vases, pottery jugs, wood plates, different-sized bowls or trays.blackbatinn2

This design can by made to order for you by visiting my Etsy site, or by sending me an email. Thank you for your interest!