All Aboard the Haunted Train

train4A wooden tray is hand painted with my original folk art design. A train with a skeleton engineer is chugging along on Halloween night. A witch, ghost and pumpkin head ride in the first car and a grinning scarecrow sprawls across the top.

The coal car has green slime. black cats and orange pumpkins, and the caboose is home to a big spider and her webs.

The tray has been signed and sealed with matte finish. It measures 13 1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide. The back of the tray is black.train3

The original painting was done on canvas, but this design can be adapted to almost any surface, including wood plates, bowls or trays.

This design can by made to order for you by visiting my Etsy site, or by sending me an email. Thank you for your interest!train2